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Some home improvement projects can be more exciting than others. Most people love the idea of installing new floors or kitchen countertops. However, when they are contemplating exterior updates, they rarely get as excited. The good news is there is a lot to be excited about with exterior renovations like replacing your old, worn out window screens. Here are a few reasons this project should be at the top of your home renovation list.

Better Curb Appeal

Let’s face it. Old window screens are usually unattractive. After years of sitting on the outside of your house, they lack the visual appeal that they once had. They might have rust, cracks on the framing, and holes in the actual screens. Not only do these problems look unsightly, but they also make it so the screens cannot function effectively.

Protect Your Home From Outdoor Elements

New screens are better at protecting your home from outdoor elements like bugs and debris. Although they are not meant to function like windows, they will be installed to ensure that you can keep unwanted pests from entering your home. Even better, when you want to enjoy fresh air, you can open your windows and have peace of mind that your screens are functioning properly.

If you need screen repair, patio screen door repair, new screens, or window repairs, give us a call at 970-699-2104.

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